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How Do I Find Mac Trucks for Sale?

The best advice for anyone seeking a Mac truck for sale is to peruse dealerships either online or in person to see the current price ranges. Find out what different options you need and which ones you will never utilize. It can be easy to add extra money onto your total bill if you are randomly viewing trucks and hanging onto the salesperson's last word. Features that your buddies love and use all the time may differ from your own personal tastes. Be sure to carefully consider the variety of upgrade options in order to determine whether or not your accessories are worth the extra cash.

How Do I Find Mac Trucks for Sale? Mac Truck Prices

You can view a lot more vehicles online in a shorter time frame in comparison to driving around the city like a maniac. Once you do spot a Mac truck you are genuinely interested in, of course, by all means go view it in person and schedule a test drive. Online shopping can be a great way to get a head start so you know where the trucks you want to view are located and can skip hours of endless seeking. Fill out the free "request for quote" survey to receive multiple quotes from local dealers.

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New Mack Truck Prices

A 2016 Mack Pinnacle Cxu613 is considered to be a conventional day cab model and tractor. It offers 445HP and a 10 speed transmission. This13L engine can be all yours for $104K. If a Granite Gu713 Mac dump truck is more your style with locking differentials and 46,000lbs rear axles combined with 20,000lbs front axles, consider budgeting $160K to drive this baby off the lot. For $192K, a gas model 2015 Conventional Day Cab with a 20,000 steerable pusher axle, electric tarp and air ride driver's seat can become the newest member of your fleet.

Cost Considerations

Are you looking for a diesel or gas model? Fuel costs are definitely part of the total equation. Insurance costs will be higher on new models but this is expected for any new vehicle in the entire automotive industry. The following features can significantly influence your bottom line:

  • Transmission options
  • Hi-Lift gate
  • Aluminum covered fenders
  • Galbreath hoist with in-cab controls
  • Air and electric to EOF
  • Tires and rims
  • Deep chrome visors
  • Chrome bum
  • Multi-leaf suspension
  • Full double frame
  • Front and rear axle capacities

Figure out what you want to be hauling and shop accordingly. If a refrigerated truck is necessary, be prepared to add more to your budget. You don't want to accidently limit yourself and what you can haul because you chose the wrong truck. This is a significant investment and researching your options ahead of time can make the entire purchasing process easier. Speak with fellow truckers and read online reviews to hear from unbiased individuals who rely on their equipment every day. You may learn or hear about certain things that have never previously crossed your mind! Of course, many sales people are extremely knowledgeable and you will be able to ask them any questions; however, firsthand experience from those who have driven the same truck can be extremely insightful.

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