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Should I Purchase a Copier Maintenance Contract?

Modern copiers are fairly reliable, but many buyers appreciate the added security of a maintenance contract or service agreement. The contracts cover the cost of parts and labor for repairing and maintaining your copier. They also mean you don’t have to deal with those problems in-house or worry about finding a good repair service.

Buying a maintenance agreement is always a gamble. If you find yourself with a repair-prone model, that agreement becomes a wise investment. If the machine never breaks down, you’ve wasted some money. There’s no way to know in advance. Generally, though, you may want to consider buying a service contract if you appreciate the peace of mind it provides and/or do not want to deal with handling copier repairs on your own.

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If you decide to purchase a maintenance contract, the most important thing is to shop around and do your homework. Contracts differ from one vendor to another. Some cover one type of part and not another, so get a full list of what’s covered before signing anything. Some contracts also cover consumables like toner, but those are usually more expensive. Always read the fine print to understand exactly what you’re getting for the money.

It’s also important to understand maintenance contract pricing. Pricing is always based on your monthly estimated copy volume. If you overestimate, you’ll pay more per month than you need to for the contract, and the money will not be returned. If you underestimate, the vendor will charge you per-copy fee for any copies made above that limit, which can get expensive. If you’re trading in an old copier for a new model, estimating is easy. Simply check the counter located in the internal storage or under the platen glass.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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