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How Do I Decide What Volume Capacity Copier I Need?

Volume capacity is one of the most important considerations when buying a copier. The decision should be based on the number of copies you make each month.

If you already own a copier, the assessment is easy. Check the counter located in the internal storage or under the platen glass. If you have trouble finding the counter, ask an IT staffer for help or call the copier manufacturer or dealer. The counter should display the total number of copies, as well as a breakdown by color, black-and-white, etc.

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If you don’t have a copier, you’ll have to rely on receipts from your local copy shop. And, if you’re also planning to use the copier as a printer, calculate how many sheets of paper you go through each month and incorporate that figure.

The number doesn’t have to precise. Come up with a rough estimate and then pad it by 10 to 20 percent. You always want to overestimate, not underestimate. And, unfortunately, some manufacturers inflate their advertised volume capacity figures.

Calculating copier volume before you buy is a good idea to ensure that the copier meets the needs of your business. But calculating before you lease - which is how most business get their copiers - is extremely important. Some leasing companies will penalize you for exceeding monthly volume limits by charging extra.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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